Apps you have already deleted, sometimes leave data behind.
The system constantly creates logs, crash reports and debug files you don’t really need.
Your SD-card is collecting files and directories you don’t recognize.
Lets not go on here…
Why not get a maid to clean it all up?
SD Maid will help you keep your device neat, clean and tidy!
Give it a try, you won’t find a more thorough cleaning tool!
Choose a tab, press start and then either click a single item to delete or press the clean all button. It’s just that easy.

There are various features available:

  • Explorer is a full fledged filemanager, use it to crawl through your Androids files.
  • You can use the Searcher if you know what file you are looking for.
  • The CorpseFinder searches your device for orphaned items and compares those to the list of installed applications.
  • AppControl lets you freeze, reset and remove applications (even system apps).
  • The SystemCleaner scans your device and filters directories which contain unnecessary files. You an even create your own filters!
  • You can optimize and shrink bloated databases to speed up access and free space.
  • View your biggest files and find out what is hogging all the space.
  • Find files that have been modified in the last X minutes.



SD Maid v4.13.1 20.01.2019
Improved: Translations.
Improved: Clutter database.
Improved: Debugging/logging.
Improved: Added more instructions to help users restore SD Maid Pro.
Added: Alternative way of upgrading to SD Maid Pro without Google and without extra app via Currently in beta testing, requires at least SD Maid v4.13.1.
Fixed: Potential fix for inconsistent sorting of chinese characters.
Fixed: Potential fix for inconsistent sorting of chinese characters.



SD Maid Pro v4.13.1 Beta Untouched + Pro Key | Mirror

Older Version

SD Maid Pro v4.12.3 Final Patched | Mirror

SD Maid Pro v4.12.3 Final Untouched + Pro Key | Mirror