News Republic – Breaking news

News Republic – Breaking news

News Republic: The smarter news app – offering the most comprehensive daily breaking news coverage from over 1,000 licensed & trusted newsfeeds worldwide. 2014 Google Editor’s Choice Winner as one of the top rated daily news apps on Google Play. Up-to-the-minute national & world breaking news in a lightning-fast, beautifully personalized interface. Featured news partners include Reuters, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, TechCrunch and many more.

Get complete news coverage on: National News, World News, Technology, Politics, Sports, Entertainment and over 1 million topics that you can personalize. News Republic offers worldwide breaking news headlines in 12 regional editions – USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, China, Canada, Mexico, Russia, LatAm and International.
Create your own news personal profile and use across multiple devices by signing in with either email, Facebook or your Google + profile. You can even save news articles for reading or sharing later and access a snapshot of the entire app’s newsfeeds offline if you know you’re going to be out of coverage.

• Visual: Get the latest breaking news headlines from your favorite topics in a highly visual format.
• Smart: News Republic learns as you read, personalizing your news experience automatically.
• In the know: My News Digest is your daily news briefing built around YOU.
• Complete: We bring you complete articles with full text, photos and videos from trusted sources around the world.
• Yours: Choose from over 1m topics for a custom home screen and news experience.
• In-depth: Explore related topics via Tag Nav™, our innovative news navigation system.
• Customizable: Add custom headlines from your favorite RSS newsfeeds.

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  • News Republic - Aktuelle und angesagte Nachrichten Screenshot
  • News Republic - Aktuelle und angesagte Nachrichten Screenshot


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